Enrichment activities are offered at no additional charge, so all children are included!


The Phonics program allows children to not only recognize the letters of the alphabet but learn the names of each letter and the sound each letter makes.  Children will also practice printing letters using a variety of materials, paper and pencil, markers, chalk and chalkboards, or dry erase markers and boards.  Children will be engaged in letter learning games, rolling alphabet letter dice, fishing for letters, alphabet bingo, and lowercase and uppercase letter matching.  They will also have early exposure to beginning sight words.  


Our Spanish enrichment program is offered to our young toddler classroom up to Pre-Kindergarten. Lessons are taught by authentic Spanish speaking teachers. Children learn 

beginning Spanish greetings, colors, phrases, food, family, and unit of the week based words. Words your child will become familiar with are, hola(hello), adios(goodbye), rojo(red), azul(blue), perro(dog), gate(cat), madre(mom), padre(dad), water(aqua), pan(bread), leche(milk), mas(more), and como estas(how are you?).  We will also read books in Spanish, Tu mama es tuna iiama?(Is Your Mama a Llama?), En aquel prado (Over in the Meadow), y Amalia y sus primeras tortillas (Amalia and Her First Tortillas), which will allow children to pick out Spanish words they have learned.  Children will also learn songs in Spanish, "Los Colores" (The Colors), "Chocolate", and "Cabeza, Hombres, Rodillas y Pies" ("Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes").      

Music Class: 

Our music program helps children learn different rhythms, patterns, pitches, and beats. Children will get exposure to a variety of instruments, learning about each instrument, its name, and the proper way to play it.  They will have the opportunity to play hand bells, egg shakers, tambourines, maracas, a xylophone, drums, castanets, crow sounders, and recorders. Children will also learn a variety of songs and melodies.  They will ribbon dance, which allows the children to explore movement, balance, coordination, and self-expression.  Music helps develop language and reasoning, problem solving, creativity, and teamwork skills.  Children enrolled in the Preschool or Pre-Kindergarten classroom will participate in music class once a week.  


Our cooking program is designed to teach children the proper hand washing techniques and the importance of cleanliness. They also learn how to follow recipes and measure ingredients.  Children will be taught cooking vocabulary such as, measuring cup and spoon, bake, mix, blender, and beat.  We also want to show children the importance of making healthy meals and food decisions so they have a nutritious diet.  Each week the Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten classrooms will participate in a cooking activity.  A few cooking experiences your child will have the opportunity to do are making personal pizzas, homemade tortillas, vegetable soup, and homemade noodles!  We will also have a few picnics throughout the year!


We offer one-on-one piano lessons to each child in the Pre-Kindergarten classroom. Children will begin with a level one book, learning proper hand placement and finger usage.  As children become more advance, they will move to higher level books and learn how to play with both hands simultaneously.  They will learn how to count notes and the specific names for each key on the piano.  Children will also be invited to play in two piano recitals a year.  

Physical Education:

Our physical education program is offered to both toddler classrooms, the preschool classroom, and Pre-Kindergarten classroom on a minimum of two days per week.  Physical Education allows children to develop fundamental movement skills that will provide the foundation for future development of more complex movement skills.  Adults offer instructions to children to grow listening and directional skills and explain and show how bodies move, start, and stop.  Children also learn how to feel confident and comfortable engaging in physical movement.  Activities will be based on age and development stage, some examples include, parachute, scooters, hitting off a tee, proper throwing techniques, soccer, volleyball, and many more! 


Zumba fitness is provided to the older toddler room, preschool classroom, and Pre-Kindergarten classroom once a week.  Zumba assists children in improving their fitness, coordination, and memory.  It also increases their self-confidence, endurance, and strength.  Zumba encourages teamwork, creativity, and self-expression!

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