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The preschool program is designed to encourage the social and physical growth of each preschooler.  They are encouraged to participate in Spanish, music, singing, dancing, literacy, early writing, reading stories, science, dramatic play, painting, and art activities.  The preschool class has their own playground adjacent to their classroom.  

Language Development:

Children enrolled in the preschool program will develop the ability to comprehend and understand language.  We focus on communicating during stories, songs, and conversations using a variety of new and complex vocabulary.  We use different punctuation expressions to annunciate questions and exclamations.  Children engage with one another to express feelings, needs, and ideas.  We support and engage their everyday conversation.   


Children will have the opportunity to use their five senses and classroom tools to make predictions, gather information, and investigate.  We use the sensory table to explore a variety of materials with ladles, shovels, funnels, and animals to make tracks.  We will investigate cause-and-effect relationships by pushing, pulling, kicking, rolling, or blowing objects. Children will have the opportunity to observe seasonal changes and animals with binoculars.  They will use magnifying glasses to look at details and designs of items.    


The preschool program teaches children to rote count up to five and associate quantities up to five.  We also practice one-to-one correspondence.  We sort and compare manipulatives using attributes such as, shape, color, size, and type.  Children develop the knowledge to work simple and complex insert puzzles. Children will be able to recognize common shapes, such as, a circle, square, or triangle, and colors.  They will also understand directionality, order, and position objects, up, down, front, and behind.  We use a variety of measuring cups and spoons in the sensory table to encourage children to measure.    



Art is an expression of creativity and ideas of oneself.  Children have the opportunity to paint, draw, color, and cut and glue daily.  Each week children will engage in using a variety of materials to create art projects that go along with the weeks theme.  Our art program is open-ended, allowing children to decide what to create and design using the provided materials.   


Social Studies:

Children will be given the opportunity to identify their family structure and the role each member plays by discussing them and encouraging  children to draw family and self portraits. They will understand similarities between families and respect differences. We support diversity amongst peers, displaying posters, pictures, incorporating it within toys and materials.  Children grasp the concept of setting rules at home and at school. They understand the environment and world around them, participating in planting flowers, growing seeds to make a garden, and discussing buildings and roads.  

Block Building:

In our preschool classroom we encourage children to learn through block play.  Children learn how to problem solve by experimenting how to build higher, longer, or make their creation stronger.  They are able to use their imagination by following their own design or working with peers to build something new and exciting.  Children also learn how to express themselves by using language to communicate ideas while interacting with peers.  Children have the ability to use materials, such as, people, cars, or animals, to incorporate in their structures.  

Dramatic Play

Our dramatic play program allows children to be creative with events, characters, or stories through acting, props, and language.  We use language dialogue to express our feelings and thought process, and to tell stories.  Props are used to pretend to take care of babies and dolls, cook, play house, and take part in playing a variety of roles.  We encourage children to react to peers during dramatic play stories and plays.  

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