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The purpose of the Pre-Kindergarten Program is to give children experiences and planned activities to help them develop physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and intellectually.  Our program includes hands on activities for literacy and language, math, writing, science, social studies, art, block building, dramatic play, and more!  


We aim to develop and enhance social skills by encouraging children to socialize amongst one another and with their teachers.  They learn manners, sharing, cooperating, and dealing with others.  The development of children's self-esteem and confidence is an intricate part of our day.  

Literacy and Language:

Our literacy program teaches children to recognize the letters of the alphabet and the sounds each one makes.  Children also learn the importance of listening to stories, story telling and retelling a story in the child's own words.  Children will learn how to give a beginning sound when they hear it in a spoken word.  As a learning enrichment activity, children will be able to use Hooked on Phonics games and tablet applications to learn letter names, sounds, how to print letters, beginning sight words, and an early reader program. 


Our science program is designed to allow children to observe the world around them.  Children use magnifying glasses to examine nature up close, such as, insects, flowers, and seashells.  They use binoculars to observe the different animals outside and the changes of the season.  We also use eye droppers to mix primary colors. Children will have the opportunity to taste and experience the different textures and tastes of foods, such as, apples, jellies/jams, pickles, fruits, and vegetables.  We will learn about animals from the farm and zoo, pets, insects, and birds and butterflies.  The sensory table is used on a daily basis to explore the textures of different material, water, rice, oatmeal, uncooked beans, leaves, and snow.  


Our art program allows children to be creative and unique.  We believe in open-ended art, children get to design and invent their own, original pieces.   Meaning no worksheets or pre-made materials.  We paint on a daily basis using objects like, large and small paintbrushes, toothbrushes, sponges, bingo dobbers, pencil erasers, and Q-tips.  We also cut and glue, draw with colored pencils, crayons, oil pastels, and markers.  


Our writing program teaches children to print their first name and how to copy letters and words.  We also practice writing some beginning sight words such as: mom, dad, love, dog, and cat.  In each weekly unit, children are given a variety of word cards that correspond with each theme.  To practice writing, children are able to use pencil and paper, chalk and chalkboards, dry-erase markers and boards.  

Social Studies:

Our social studies program enables children to learn about themselves, their emotions and feelings, parts of their body and features, their five senses, and helping develop a positive self-image.  We also discuss the different relationships and roles in a family, the community, friends, and school.  Children learn the relationship between aspects of the environment and people, roads, buildings, trees, plants, and bodies of water.  Understand the difference between events that happened in the past, present, and future.  

Preschool Sorting.jpg


Our math program teaches children how to rote count aloud from 1-10 and how to count different objects to 10.  They will also be able to identify objects that are the same or different and understand the concepts of more/less/equal, tall/short, or whole/part.  We will make patterns, sort, and sequence with a variety of manipulatives.  We also teach children to recognize a variety of colors and shapes.  We practice measuring materials with measuring cups and spoons, rulers, and scales.     

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