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We have two infant rooms that promote the development of children 6 weeks to 18 months.  We encourage the growth and development of infants in a loving and nurturing environment.  We work with our parents to make leaving your infant as an easy and smooth transition, so they feel comfortable and confident their baby is left in good hands.  We create a bond with each and every parent to make them feel like they are family.  Our goal is to provide optimal conditions for the early development of your child.  You, as the parent, are important to us in helping us achieve this goal.  



YOUNG INFANTS: 6 weeks - 10 months

You can expect your infant to explore their five senses: hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and touching, through their everyday movements.  We plan an individual schedule for each infant, providing you with a daily report detailing his/her day.  The infants enjoy a wealth of activities including music and movement, language development, singing, and reading stories.  A play area is set up in each infant room to allow for physical development, supervised tummy time

OLDER INFANTS: 10 months - 18 months

The older infant room is designed to promote social and physical development.  At this age, the children are very curious and like to experiment with all of their senses.  The room is set up to encourage exploration and to enhance developmental growth.  The older infants participate in music, dancing, reading stories, and painting on a daily basis.  They also have their own outdoor playground adjacent to their classroom.  


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