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Our Spanish enrichment program is offered to our young toddler classroom up to Pre-Kindergarten. Lessons are taught by authentic Spanish speaking teachers. Children learn 

beginning Spanish greetings, colors, phrases, food, family, and unit of the week based words. Words your child will become familiar with are, hola(hello), adios(goodbye), rojo(red), azul(blue), perro(dog), gate(cat), madre(mom), padre(dad), water(aqua), pan(bread), leche(milk), mas(more), and como estas(how are you?).  We will also read books in Spanish, Tu mama es tuna iiama?(Is Your Mama a Llama?), En aquel prado (Over in the Meadow), y Amalia y sus primeras tortillas (Amalia and Her First Tortillas), which will allow children to pick out Spanish words they have learned.  Children will also learn songs in Spanish, "Los Colores" (The Colors), "Chocolate", and "Cabeza, Hombres, Rodillas y Pies" ("Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes").

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